I know you guys have been missing Last Saturdays but we have been so busy since our move to our new loocation. We plan to start up Last Saturdays real soon but until then we have come up with Top Vintage Studio.Top Vintage Studio is every Thursday from 5-8pm. So now you get four times a month to shop our growing and unique vintage collection. We know you guys have work but have no fear I have come up with the perfect excuse for you to give to your boss so you can come see us!

*WARNING* Only attempt this if you have a pretty good relationship with your superior.

The day of studio take a late lunch around 1-1:30 ish. Then about an hour later go to the bathroom and stay there for about 20 minutes. After that go to your boss and claim that something just isnt right with your ...digestive system. You can even go as far as to say you have food poisoning whatever it will take to get you off of work early. Now if you are succesful at this plan and you find yourslef off of work at 3pm and two hours left before studio just go ahead and slide through. We would HAVE to let you in for a VIP session at Top Vintage. Why? Because you are cool and we want to be like you when we grow up.

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